a sudden absence of bees (sabotabby) wrote in activicon,
a sudden absence of bees

Opening post

Hi! I'm sabotabby, and I am an icon whore.

Kind of self-explanatory. Eat your ballot!

The next two were icons I made for my Most Offensive Icon Ever! challenge (which is still ongoing, by the way).

Some people have short memories, so I thought I'd remind everyone:

I nabbed this image from the conservatism community. It originally said "Saving your ass...whether you like it or not."

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gasp....Gasp....GASP!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!!!!!

I heart your "Tanks are stupid lets throw rocks at them" icon.
i nabbed your "none of the above" icon. Its rather suitable for our forthcoming general election
Took "none of the above" & the Bush one; will credit when in use. :)