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Icons for Activists

Activism in 100 x 100

Icons for Activists - express your views in 100 x
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I started activicons as a place to put my political/activist icons away from my paid personal LJ. I hope it can become a collective where all LJ activists can come and gather to share their activism themed icons, make a new friend or two, have a laugh, learn something new, or just rant if needs be. I would hope as a collective, members would share ideas and icons freely among one another.

The rules are few.

1) Your joining post should include at least two activist icons. The message is the most important thing.

2) Icons should be intelligent and intelligble. They can be serious or funny. Puns are always appreciated.

3) Mad Icon Skillz are NOT required! Beginners are always welcomed.

4) Everyone will be treated with respect unless they prove themselves otherwise by behaving in a less than respectful manner towards others.

5) Critique of another's icons will only be given in the spirit of teaching and sharing.

6) Not everyone may have the latest and greatest icon making programs; keep this in mind and be understanding.

7) Do not belittle someone who does not understand your icon. Take it as an opportunity to teach.

8) People have different political opinions. Respect differences. Debate is fine. Flaming will result in banning. Belittling others will also result in banning.

9) Only one warning will be issued before a member is banned for flaming or belittling. If you want to personally rant on someone here, take it to your own LJ.